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Fees and Opening times

Opening Times
Smiles Nursery Core opening time is 7:00am until 6pm.

A full day place will run from 7:00am until 6pm.

A half day place will run from either 7:00am until 12:30noon OR 1pm until 6pm

Additional Extended hours can be agreed at a cost 6.30am-12:30/1pm-6:30pm or 6.30am -6:30pm

Funded Places – Work Place Vouchers
We will be providing spaces for funded children and work place vouchers, please speak directly to the management team to discuss these arrangements in detail.


Full Set Days (7:00am – 6pm) £40
Full Flexi Days (7:00am – 6pm) £42
Half Days (7:00am-12:30noon OR 1pm-6pm) £27
Half Flexi Days (7:00am-12:30noon OR 1pm-6pm) £29
Additional open access 30 mins AM or PM £6
Full day additional access £10
Morning wraparound (7:00am to drop off)- £7.00
Afternoon wraparound (3:00pm-6:00pm) - £13.00
Pay as you go hourly rate (maximum of 3 hours) £6.00

Smiles Nursery Billingham
Hereford Terrace
Billingham, TS23 4AA
01642 803190

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